Monday, December 6, 2010

How to Improve in and Out of Class

The mile run assessment is largely based upon cardiovascular endurance it is importance for students to improve on this aspect of themselves if they plan improving their assessment score.  There are several ways that students can improve upon their cardiovascular endurance, both in an out of the classroom.  One way to do this with in the class room is to put forth maximum effort within all of the other assessments.  The mile run is not the only assessment that includes cardiovascular endurace.  For example, the PACER test and the mile walk assessment are just two other activities that build cardiovascular endurance.  A way to improve outside of the classroom would be to regularly participate in any type of physical activity.  By becoming involved in daily physical activity, students can become more in shape will be able to more easily complete the 1 mile run assessment each time it is performed. 

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